Weird Dreams May Come

Since I started taking a different medication for my depression and anxiety, I have noticed that I have had some particularly vivid, odd, and memorable dreams.  I’m not sure if this is due to the increased serotonin in my brain, a side effect of the medication, or just a coincidence.  I did, however, find this link to a discussion about others that have had strange dreams that seem to have been brought on by the same medication that I have been taking (Celexa).

I have always been quite an active dreamer.  As I have become an adult, I’ve noticed that I have tended to have some recurring dreams.  The three scenarios that I can recall off the top of my head are losing teeth, discovering in public that I am completely naked, and looking at myself in the mirror and pulling my hair into a pony tail (quite an accomplishment for a man who is balding in real life).

But the dreams that I have been having recently, while not really nightmares, are kind of disturbing and vividly entertaining at the same time.  I can remember two from about a week ago quite clearly.  In the first, Lovely Wife and I are sitting in what appears to be our apartment (we’ve lived in a house for almost five years), when Tim Conway enters our abode with a cordless drill and proceeds to our bathroom and closes the door.  Apparently in dreamworld this isn’t out of the ordinary because no one questions what is going on.  Soon we hear a commotion coming from the bathroom, so I open the door, where I find Mr. Conway sitting on the john, unconscious, and apparently injured by the drill.  Interpret that one, Sigmund Freud.

The second finds me going into a convenience store to buy a pop.  The first thing I notice is Nancy Pelosi sitting outside the store on a folding chair, talking on a pay phone.  Again, dreamworld logic rules here, as I don’t think to myself “That’s odd, what is Nancy Pelosi doing in my town?” but rather, “There are places that still have a pay phone?”  As I walk into the convenience store, there are no shelves, just drink coolers going around the perimeter and a cash register near the door that I entered the store.  In the middle of the store there are several parlor type tables and chairs, with many nearly identical strippers sitting around them (at least I think they are strippers.  The are all wearing naughty-Catholic-schoolgirl type outfits and openly flirting with the store’s patrons.  I decide to get my pop and get out as quickly as I can.  As I open the cooler door, one of the ladies stands up and touches my hand with a tazer-like device.  It is not enough to knock me down, but certainly gives me a jolt.  Then she hands the tazer to me, leans over my shoulder, and invites me to administer a jolt to her backside.  Luckily I wake up before it really gets weird.  I know what you might be thinking, “No, you woke up just as it was getting interesting!” but I assure you that it was neither erotic nor exciting.

So, do these dreams mean anything?  Does anybody else have medication induced dreams?

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2 responses to “Weird Dreams May Come

  1. I hardly ever dream, bu when on Zoloft a couple years ago I had the worst dreams. Not because anything bad happened, but everything seemed to be moving a million miles an hour and it was hard to focus on anything. I used to wake up exhausted. I stopped the meds because of it. Your dreams are far more interesting.

  2. I sometimes used to dream all night that I was at work. I would wake up exhausted as well–and wishing that I somehow could get paid for my “work”.

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