Summer Dreams

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Image via Wikipedia

It’s not even officially winter yet, but I have found all these great pictures that had been seemingly misplaced in the digital ether.  I am already ready for summer already.  If you are from South Dakota or the near vicinity, you understand the redundancy of that last sentence.  Winter hits hard around her.  There isn’t always a crazy amount of snow, but typically once it is here, it is here for the long haul.  A few years ago we had our first snow on October 1, and the last one on April 30.  But more than the snow, it is always fairly cold, and verywindy.  If it weren’t for my great love of South Dakota springs and falls, I would have been outta here years ago.

I took this photo at Arnolds Park Amusement Park, Arnolds Park, IA, on 09/06/2009 according to the info on the picture–must have been the last weekend of the park season.  Insects don’t bother me too much (at least not as much as spiders), but I have noticed that the closer you get to them, the more grotesque they seem to become.  Not so with this dragonfly.  I think that all of his (her?) intricacies, colors, and symmetries make it quite beautiful.


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3 responses to “Summer Dreams

  1. Dragonflies freak me out. They’re so substantial. A mosquito or a fly is a tickle on the skin. A dragonfly actually hits you with force. They are quite beautiful but let about 10 of them dive bomb your head and they have a Seven Plagues of Egypt vibe. Yes, that actually happened to me. *shiver*

    • For me it’s grasshoppers. They are all jumpy and swarmy, and then if they do land on you, their legsa have this weird sticky/pinchy feel. Blech. So I sympathize with the Seven Plauges feeling. I rode my bike through a bunch one time and felt like I should have been riding a chariot.

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