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In Sunshine or In Shadow

One of the things that could be contributing to my depression is that I have slight vitamin D deficiency.  The best source of vitamin D is that which is produced in the skin due to exposure to ultraviolet B light.  That’s why Seasonal Affective Disorder happens–less sunlight, less vitamin D, less happy campers. 

So I suppose it should be to my advantage that Spring is starting to poke its head around the corner ’round these parts.  Although it has been chilly the last couple of days, last week it was downright gorgeous.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather one day and took a walk to receive a vitamin D injection.  I have to say that it did lift my mood a little.  Feeling the warm sun on my face, watching the little gutter-guided rivers of melting snow, stretching my legs–it was good.

I know that I should get outside more.  I enjoy exercising outside much more than inside.  I think that the reason for this is because the motivation is easier to find.  Outside, running, biking, walking, whatever–I can pick a target and say to myself “I need to make it there.”  Then, once I make it “there”, I can set a new target.  Inside happens more like this:  “OK, self, 20 more minutes.” Huff. Puff. Look at clock. “Still 18 more minutes?  What the hell!?”  But with the need for vitamin D, spending more time outside just being would even be productive.

There’s only one problem.  I’ve never minded the darkness all that much.  I think maybe this goes back to my childhood.  The house that I grew up in had a fairly sizable basement in which I ended up spending quite a bit of time.  When the lights were off (such as to watch a movie), it was dark.  Really dark.   But the darkness was somehow comfortable.    On a small side note, it is a little strange that the basement in question didn’t also acclimate me to cooler temperatures.  Down in our little den the temperature ranged from “cool” to “meat locker”, and yet I hate being cold.  Anyway.  So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I chose a room for the mancave, it was in fact the basement.  I even told Lovely Wife once that I thought it would be cool to have a sub-basement room.  The look on her face told me that maybe she thinks depression and anxiety aren’t my only mental issues. 

Subterranean environments have always fascinated me, though.  I love going through caves.  Although our city is nowhere near the size it would need to be to support a subway, sometimes I think about how cool it would be to have something along the lines of the New York City Subway or the London Underground.

In the end I just have to remember all the beautiful outdoor places that I enjoy.  Afterall, nature is a much better architect that man could ever be.  Go stare at the Tetons for a while, take a drive through Spearfish Canyon, or relax on your favorite beach and tell me this isn’t so.   Besides, it’s good for me.

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THURSDAY FUN – YouTube music favorites

Marc Broussard.  I love this kind of music.  Enjoy.

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