A short post today

I promised a post a few days ago that I haven’t made good on yet…today isn’t any different.  Wanted to share a couple of things though.

Tomorrow I will be going in for my third sugery in 12 months (I know!).  Last December I had two hernias fixed, in June a had a ruptured disc taken care of, and tomorrow I will be fixing another hernia.  This one isn’t as big, but it really seems to HURT more than the others.  Pretty “simple” procedure though really, when you consider…

…my bmom’s hubby is currently having a liver transplant surgery.  Yesterday must have been a whirlwind for them–Mom sent out an email to her siblings and me on his status as of yesterday.  Then my sister posted on facebook that they got a call saying a liver was available.  Then…it didn’t pan out.  Back to waiting.  Then…a second one became available not long after.  All in one night.

If you are the praying type (as I am), please pray for a smooth sugery and speedy recovery.

One other prayer request–a lot of times a donor can give a portion of their liver for transplant.  This is not one of those cases–a full transplant was requried.  Please say a prayer of support to the undoubtably grieving donor’s loved ones.  Pray they take comfort in knowing that part of their loved one lives on and is sustaining the life of another.

Also, if you wish to be an organ donor, please make those wishes known to your loved ones.


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